We made it! (?)

A moment of transitory victory as we successfully closed out of our Day Street home-for-a-month, packed and re-packed our bags, and bundled ourselves off to the airport!

We’ve faced down quite a few challenges to get to this moment:

  • The big closeout of our Oakland home;
  • Gracefully wrapping up our jobs (harder for Sara than for me, because 1. hers is a much smaller organization in which she occupied a much more structurally vital position and 2. I’ll be continuing to work a few hours a week, time permitting, from the road!);
  • The smaller closeout of our SF pied-a-terre;
  • Designing a set of stuff to bring around the world, and then actually acquiring and assembling the stuff;
  • Saying goodbye to so many friends and loved ones!

Both Sara and I have been under the weather, me for more than a week now and Sara potentially following in my footsteps, so, sitting in the airport, it sort of feels like we’re dragging ourselves across the finish line here. But of course, this is more of a starting line than a finish lineā€¦

Next stop, Colombia, via a rough red-eye itinerary through Panama City. (In fact I am writing this in Cartagena – it turns out blogging from the airport isn’t so easy – more to come soon!)

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  1. Hope health comes soon!
    I am very excited for your coming adventures and feel lucky to be able to follow along with this terrific technology
    A far cry from what was available when we set out 30 years ago.

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