Glimpses of Costeño Beach

We’ve been at the beach. Specifically, we’ve been at Costeño Beach, on Colombia’s northern (Caribbean) coast. It’s about 40 miles east of Santa Marta, and directly north of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a vertiginous yet isolated mountain range that rises to almost 19,000 feet elevation just 26 miles from the sea. Whew!

(The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is also home to some 50,000 indigenous people, who fled into the mountains to escape extermination at the hands of Spanish conquistadors. We had originally intended to visit the very popular Tayrona National Park but it is actually closed this month at the behest of the indigenous communities, who are concerned that over-visitation is threatening its natural and cultural resources. It’s a bummer to miss Tayrona but we’re glad that the Colombian government is honoring this indigenous request!)

Other than this geologic and cultural context, there’s not THAT much to say about a beach. It’s really, really nice! Some photos and a video follow… you can fill in the details based on your own beachy experiences.

Dawn – note the Sierra Nevada rising in the distance and also the birdsong.

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  1. Hi Drew and Sara!
    Can’t wait to dive into your adventures. I just did a quick browse and am looking forward to slower, deeper enjoyment.
    Take care!

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