Gracias al Pueblo Mexicano

“Thanks to the Mexican people.”

49 nights we’ve spent here; 48 life-changing days, from our bleary-eyed post-midnight arrival in Roma Sur to our current bleary-eyed state as we await our flight to London.

I never put much stock in the idea that people from some countries are friendlier or kinder than people from other countries. While I maintain it’s admirable to expect the best from everyone we meet, our time in Mexico has given me cause to think that maybe, yes, some peoples are in fact more wonderful than others.

To the hundreds of folks who embraced two foolish foreigners, who put up with our halting (yet ever improving) Spanish and who shared with us, with genuine enthusiasm, the best of their crafts and communities: thank you.

To the many dozens of cooks, chefs, and culinary geniuses who blasted wide open the doors of our culinary perceptions with foods that were both rarefied and humble, but always, in the words of John Thorne, good beyond belief: thank you.

To the middle-aged woman with whom we struck up a conversation at a brewery in Mexico City, who immediately gave us her phone number to call in case we ever needed anything: thank you, and I’m very sorry we accidentally left behind that piece of paper at the mezcal bar we went to next.

To that bald eagle, the very symbol of American Freedom™, that we saw wheeling through the clear blue sky above the windswept plains of Jalisco: hey! Hands off our national imagery!

To the twenty-two million citizens and denizens of Mexico City, who every day in their coming and goings distill an utterly intoxicating elixir of everything it is that makes cities great, a brew that electrified both of us to our very core: thank you.

To Rita, whom we met in a corner store where we were trying to buy ice and limes, and who, when it turned out the store had neither, invited us to her home and gave us much more than we needed of both: thanks to you and to many others for kindnesses large and small, which we can only hope to pay forward in your generous spirit, in the fullness of time.

Taken on a morning run in the Narvarte neighborhood of Mexico City.

“I love myself.
I love my family.
I love my community.
I love my borough of Benito Juárez.
I love my Mexico City.
I love my Mexico.”

And we do. To the Mexican people: thank you. We can’t wait to return.

3 Replies to “Gracias al Pueblo Mexicano”

  1. THAT’S exactly why Mexico has always been one of my and Jerry’s favorites – next time(s) you go, be sure to visit Akumal and Puerto Morelos!

  2. May you have equally happy landings in London and beyond.
    Doug and I feel the same way about Mexico and its people, whether they live here or there.
    While we have certainly not traveled as extensively as you, we have appreciated the richness of the country and its citizens.
    Thank you for being such wonderful ambassadors for our country. If only our leaders felt the same.

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